I am a member of the 297 class that presented posters, but I figured I’d use this forum to comment on a couple of my fellow classmates topics. I greatly enjoyed all the posters but the one that really struck me was Grant’s on the use of stadiums to describe the slash in human/ nature. As an avid sports fan and particularly a baseball fan, I had never thought about stadiums in this way. Stadiums are colossal venues we build to house fans to watch a sports game. Some protect us from the elements, others are open air venues. Either way they are these massive constructs that allow us to play a human game. The most interesting thing though that I thought Grant looked at was the idea of what happens after a stadium is done being used. He used the example of the superdome in Detroit and showed pictures of it rundown and over grown with nature after it was taken out of commission. Nature is fully capable of overtaking stadiums as this example shows, but instead we are constantly maintaining nature inside a public venue. I am not sure if he touched on this at all, but it makes me think of grass inside baseball stadiums. Grass is a very natural thing being grown for the outfield of the field, but it is so heavily maintained by grounds crews. It is cut in special patterns, and made to look perfectly green. It is artificially perfect nature inside of a stadium. I greatly enjoyed Grant’s poster on this topic. It was thought provoking and me reconsider human/ nature in sports, a place where I had never thought of slash existing.