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Tomato Tomahto

One of the presenters investigated what Allenby and Sarewitz termed Level 1 and Level 2 technologies. These are technology itself (e.g. phone, Facebook, polio cure, etc. ) and the networks necessary to make technology available on a mass scale respectively.

Final Post

First off, everyone’s poster was really well done. The students picked something that interested them and all showed a distinct line between humans and nature. One of the most eye-grabbing posters was the one done by Rachel Bird. “From Cave… Continue Reading →

Is Food Natural?

The idea of flavor changing interests me. The definition of ‘good’ meat and other products has been greatly changed with the introduction of refrigeration. Also, the availability of meat and other goods has greatly increased with the presence of refrigerators. Before,… Continue Reading →

Call Me Old Fashioned

        I’m not going to lie, after hearing the lecturer last Tuesday I felt like my trust has been betrayed. Silk Milk has fooled everyone thinking it needs to be refrigerated, but it truly doesn’t. The company… Continue Reading →

Food Morgue

With the invention of fridges, humans have created an arctic over which they have thermal control. One third of the food in the US is at some pointed refrigerated. In a way a fridge can be seen as a life supporting machine,… Continue Reading →

Food Fears: Refrigeration and GMOs

My entire life, I have refrigerated my soy milk. Because I buy it refrigerated, I always assumed it had to be refrigerated (plus, I think it tastes better cold). I had a minor existential crisis during Nicola Twilley’s talk, when she revealed… Continue Reading →

Food: Fresh and… still fresh?

Before listening to the lecture on Tuesday, I was a little skeptical. A lecture on refrigeration? What is so interesting about refrigeration? Well, it turns out that many things make this topic interesting. After the lecture, I understand why Ana… Continue Reading →

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