One of the presenters investigated what Allenby and Sarewitz termed Level 1 and Level 2 technologies. These are technology itself (e.g. phone, Facebook, polio cure, etc. ) and the networks necessary to make technology available on a mass scale respectively.

HIs particular field of exploration was with regard to a locally based produce farm. The project in particular explored the usefulness of locally produced foodstuffs in general well being. The researcher discovered that as a larger framework the locally produced model is more successful. The size if the organization allows for more car etc be administered to each individual harvest.

In addition because of the small size of the operation mass pesticides aren’t used which ensures a more health product. The farm in particular utilizes honey bees for pollination purposes as opposed to fertilizers or pollen distributors. The farm also refuses to ship food anywhere more than a day’s drive away which ensures that no preservatives are used also improving consumer health.

The farm also contributes to the local economy by both providing produce to local grocers but also by employing local residents to work the farm in exchange for low heat, light, and gas fees.

As a system the locally produced produce seems to be beneficial for both the company, and the local population.