The anthropocene; the era of human achievement, where man transcended nature and became THE dominant force on Earth.

The anthropocene; the final epoch of Earth animate history where man transcended nature and DESTROYED the Earth.

Which of these descriptions truly fit the era we have created for ourselves? Human beings are the most dominant force on the planet and nothing can contain our progress it seems. But at what cost? In our pursuit of greatness we are destroying our home. We are fully aware of the fact that we are destroying the planet and yet we do nothing to stop it.

In today’s discussion KP discussed what it means to truly be living in the Anthropocene, and what that means for humans. If we are truly living in the Anthropocene, what des it mean that human being have become the most destructive force on the planet?

What stood out in particular from the discussion was the supposition that this era should not be called the Anthropocene. KP argued that by placing our name on this era we absolve ourselves of responsibility in the vain pursuit of glorification. If we are going to be so pompous that we call ourselves a geological force, then we should be made to take responsibility for the destruction as well. I would motion that this era be called the Anthropocene, because we are indeed affecting our planet, but only pending the acceptance of Global Warming as fact.