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Politics and Power Over Nature

The lecture on “why big states destroy nature” was about the role of politics and state power on water control. It was an interesting lecture, as I had never put together the idea of politics and water before. Building dams… Continue Reading →

Dam, it’s actually something quite important

  Despite all the ‘punny’ things you can say about big dams, Professor Paul Josephson gave a very interesting talk entitled, “Big Dams, Big Damage? Brute Force Technologies and 20th Century State Power.” I attending this talk with my dad… Continue Reading →

Body is Earth

Our body is Earth. “Our bones breath and blood are the minerals, air and water inside us, not separate but same”. When we go to a new place we soon become that place. By simply drinking water from one place we transform 70%… Continue Reading →

The State’s Power Over Nature

In his lecture, Professor Josephson talked about massive construction projects all over the world, which many of the worlds major powers have undertaken in the past 100 years. The part I found most interesting about the talk was the rhetoric… Continue Reading →

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