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So is the War “a Leap Forward for Humanity?”

I found several topics that overlapped between the talk about futurism and violence and Ana’s talk about Military Patients and Medical Power in WWI that I thought would be interesting to discuss. In the lecture on futurism, Professor Rizzo mentioned… Continue Reading →

Italian Futurism

I found this discussion on Futurism to be very interesting. The idea of incorporating one’s audience into the art piece was valued by futurists. Futurism also valued change and viewed war as “the sole cleanser of the world”. This opinion… Continue Reading →

Dangerous Rhetoric

During the question portion of Prof. Rizzo’s talk on the movement of Futurism, an audience member remarked that it almost seemed that Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Futurism’s founder, did not believe his own act, and might be trying to get people… Continue Reading →

The Roots of Futurism

In our last lecture, we talked about the roots of futurism, which has been called the first historical avant-garde movement. It was largely an Italian movement, which was started in the early 1900s. One of the biggest leaders was named… Continue Reading →

Apparently I never knew what futurism actually was

I’m not sure anymore what I thought futurism was, but I found Professor Rizzo’s discussion on “Futurism, Violence, and the Re-making of the World,” to informative. One of the first points to capture my interest was the evolution of the… Continue Reading →

The Inspiration For Brave New World?

Could futurism be the root cause for Huxley’s Brave New World? In this writer’s opinion, yes. Futurism was an artistic movement that violently celebrated advances in technology and rejected traditional ways of life. They believed that war was a good… Continue Reading →

Futurism in the Modern World

Although some of the Futurist’s ideas were extreme, I think it is interesting how some of their concepts have translated into modern times. The Futurists glorified violence and industrial warfare, even after experiencing the carnage of World War I. Similarly,… Continue Reading →

The Two F-Words: Futurism & Feminism

This seminar intrigued me in my vast disgruntlement at the very fundamental levels of what futurism is. While I have to admit I was initially intrigued by the act of bringing art into the movement and performing with such passion… Continue Reading →

Futurists in 2015

I really enjoyed Professor Rizzo’s talk on futurism. It was thought provoking and at time disturbing to think about a world without nature run by machines. As someone that spends her summers leading canoeing trips in the Boundary Waters of… Continue Reading →

Anthropocene: a Futurist’s daydream?

Technology. Advancement. Violence. Change. These words I associate closely to the Futurist movement of the 20th century. They were aggressive and relished destruction, doing so in a uninhibited and with no discernible purpose.Filippo Marinetti’s manifesto of the Futurists states that “We… Continue Reading →

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