Could futurism be the root cause for Huxley’s Brave New World? In this writer’s opinion, yes. Futurism was an artistic movement that violently celebrated advances in technology and rejected traditional ways of life. They believed that war was a good thing and that modern society was the best place for inspiration, not the natural world. Another astonishing thing was that futurists believed that a body that was damaged by war was sexy because it shows that the man with the injury is tough. So people were encouraged to mate with these tough men because their offspring would be tougher, resulting in a more efficient and machine like human being. Now if we take a look at Huxley’s Brave New World we can see a society in which the natural world was looked at with disgust. From birth children were conditioned to despise nature because it didn’t align with society’s standards of modernism. Speaking of children, in Brave New World the children were not born naturally, instead they were born out of test tubes. Not all babies born were treated the same either. Depending on how much alcohol the test tube had in it determined what class the baby was born into. Each class had a specific job and were treated like machines. The more I compare Brave New World and the views of Futurism, the more I am convinced that the futuristic London Huxley describes is the utopia of Futurism.