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Stadiums and Instagram: Human/Nature?

As I perused the posters and listened to student’s discuss their ideas, I was intrigued by the creativity in a handful of the presentations. For example, I found the idea of using stadium’s as representative of the “slash” in human/nature… Continue Reading →

“Cyborg Inevitability” & Morality

As a child, I was fascinated by blackholes. I remember thinking Mars was pretty cool, but my love for space reached it’s max at my elementary school blackhole phase. Regardless, I found the lecture last Tuesday incredibly intriguing. And if… Continue Reading →

The Male Gaze in Seville’s “Plan”

To say the discussion on Extreme Makeovers: Visual Culture of Plastic Culture was disturbing would be an understatement. Tanya Sheehan did a wonderful job of facilitating questions, discussions, and insight around the topics, but it never fails to amaze and… Continue Reading →

Emotion as Reason–Thoughts on Plumwood’s Liberation Model

I am deeply intrigued by Plumwood’s Liberation Model. In all my classes, dualism has been brought up and debated upon. To highlight part of Plumwood’s model, in my Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class, we talk about the… Continue Reading →

Phenomenological Writing: Literature & Perception

In my English class with Professor Bryant, we have been discussing the importance of phenomenological reading. In essence, it is the concept of revisiting parts of a text and understanding it differently given new information or new experiences. I perceive… Continue Reading →

Antique Myths Make for Modern Mores

As a young girl, I had many passions, but two in particular always stick out to me: Greek mythology and witchcraft. Today, in my introspective and reflective processes, I know my childhood interests have a profound impact on my psychological… Continue Reading →

The Beauty of Modern Barriers

To be honest, I am still unsure of how I felt about Charles Traub’s lecture. I found his photographs beautiful and intriguing, and I have great appreciation for his ability to capture these fleeting moments, as he said, in such… Continue Reading →

The Two F-Words: Futurism & Feminism

This seminar intrigued me in my vast disgruntlement at the very fundamental levels of what futurism is. While I have to admit I was initially intrigued by the act of bringing art into the movement and performing with such passion… Continue Reading →

The Idiosyncrasy of the Aeroir

In Rebecca Harding’s short story “Life in the Iron Mills,” Harding writes, “The idiosyncrasy of this town is smoke.” I originally read this story nearly two years ago, yet this line still resonates with me. The concept that we one… Continue Reading →

Nothing in a Vacuum

Personally, I prefer poetry to painting. I find great strength in the written and spoken word, so last week’s lecture attempted to challenge my assumptions surrounding poetry versus painting. At times throughout the lecture, I struggled to connect the topic… Continue Reading →

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