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The Societal Construct of Ownership

A quote that I particularly enjoy goes as follows: “The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, to whom it occurred to say this is mine, and found people sufficiently simple to believe him, was the true founder… Continue Reading →


I really enjoyed Keith Peterson’s talk on environmental philosophy and the anthropocentrism of the anthropocene. He proposed a key question about whether or not anthropocentrism is motivating our new need to define the geological era of human impact on the… Continue Reading →

Human-centered=Selfish thought?

Keith Peterson’s lecture on the “Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment,” was fascinating. His lecture was centered on the topic of Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene. He discussed the different perspectives within Anthropocentrism, specifically: cosmic: that humans are at the center… Continue Reading →

Anthropocene vs WeAreDestroyingThePlanet-ecene

The anthropocene; the era of human achievement, where man transcended nature and became THE dominant force on Earth. The anthropocene; the final epoch of Earth animate history where man transcended nature and DESTROYED the Earth.

Tick Tock

They say everything comes at a price, and I would certainly agree especially when it comes to asking questions. For a while now, humans have been asking themselves, “Can we be as good or better than nature?”. The price of… Continue Reading →

Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene

Keith Peterson brought up interesting perspectives on the way in which humans interact with the natural world. We think of the Anthropocene as an era in which we critique environmental impacts caused by humans. However, Anthropocentrism, Peterson argues, is not… Continue Reading →

Human Centered Thinking

As humans, the center of the world will always be ourselves: we experience the outside world through our brains and cognitive thinking. The individual will always be the center of their existence because they experience the world through their own eyes. On… Continue Reading →

The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene

Even though I am an environmental science major, the subject of environmental philosophy is not one that I am terribly familiar with me.  Professor Keith Peterson’s talk “The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene” covered a lot of ground, and at times… Continue Reading →

Anthropocentrism and Animal Rights

Although I was sometimes confused by the philosophy jargon in Keith Peterson’s presentation on The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene, I found that his central concepts regarding the impacts of the anthropocene and its title on humanity were quite relevant to our class… Continue Reading →


Are humans and animals equal?   Many may argue no: humans are self-aware; they are smart, tool-using; they ride above all the other creatures as taught by the Bible, harvesting, domesticating and utilizing them. For many people, our only interaction… Continue Reading →

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