They say everything comes at a price, and I would certainly agree especially when it comes to asking questions. For a while now, humans have been asking themselves, “Can we be as good or better than nature?”. The price of asking such a question is not pretty. We have now caused many species to go extinct, damaged precious natural resources, and caused many unforeseen disasters. Sure, some of these attempts to one-up nature have benefited mankind, but there is still some collateral damage left in its wake. Now it seems that the world is more aware of exactly how much of an impact we humans are making on the earth and are now recognizing this impact by labeling this era the Anthropocene. It is a great that humanity wants to recognize the harm we caused on earth by our lifestyle choices, but is this solution? Some would argue the term Anthropocene does not fully capture the crisis Earth is facing. According to the International Society for Environmental Ethics, the Anthropocene label fails to recognize the influence of capitalism, colonialism, and other systems of domination that contribute to the ecological hardships around the world. Due to the lack of recognition of these forces, Anthropocene fails to truly identify the problem and misdirects attempts to find a solution. I for one would agree with the International Society for Environmental Ethics because money is what makes our human world go around, so it is hard for me to believe that humans would suddenly stop their greed all of a sudden for something they have been doing for centuries. So they say everything comes at a price, but they also say that time heals all things. Well tick-tock humanity, it appears that our time is beginning to run out.