Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Emma Clay

time, paleo, and screen time

The poster session in the last week was really great. I have never taken an STS class before this semester and therefore was really interested in what the poster session would be like and see what kinds of projects students… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs and Humans

Space is not really anything that I have spent much time thinking about, but I really liked this talk. It was mainly about the future of space travel. A thought is that human and robots may come together and human… Continue Reading →

Beauty and Nature

I think that this talk was the most interesting and relatable one that we’ve had so far. In a broader sense, this talk was all about body image, and that is something that everyone deals with at some point. One… Continue Reading →

Animal testing

I’m going to be honest, this talk was kind of confusing for me. I feel like I didn’t fully start to understand what Professor Peterson was trying to say until the very end. The concept of the anthropocene is extremely… Continue Reading →

poetry and confusion

A poem that we spent a lot of time on tonight was “A fragmented wor(l)d” by Giorgio Celli. My main reaction to this poem is confusion. But apparently, confusion is actually one of the purposes of the poem. In avant-garde… Continue Reading →

Love and Cruelty

I found this talk to be one of the most interesting ones we have had so far. I know nothing about ancient Greek and Latin history so I found this talk to be really interesting. First of all, I had… Continue Reading →

Photographs and Ordinary People

A quote that really stood out to me from this talk was when Traub talked about something his mentor said, “the only nature I’m really interested in is my own”. In some ways I really agree with this statement and… Continue Reading →

Too Machine Like?

One thing that I found really interesting about futurism is that they do not like nature. I feel like nature is something that is so beautiful that even if you don’t really like it, you can still enjoy it. However,… Continue Reading →

The Fridge!

I really enjoyed last night’s lecture. When Nicola Twilley first said that she was going to be talking to us about refrigeration, I was a little worried about where the talk was going. But it was fascinating! I have never… Continue Reading →

Poetry and Painting

One thing that I found very interesting from this presentation was the comparison of poetry and painting. I had honestly not ever put any thought into the similarities and differences between poetry and painting. I think that if someone had… Continue Reading →

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