Space is not really anything that I have spent much time thinking about, but I really liked this talk. It was mainly about the future of space travel. A thought is that human and robots may come together and human may become more robotic. In fact, Launius says that this is already happening with the use of prosthetic body parts and medical technology. I’m not so sure how I feel about this though. In the eyes of Launius, I am a cyborg already because I am a type one diabetic and use an insulin pump. But the thing with most medical technology, like insulin pumps, is that without this technology, people would die. Prosthetic limbs make it so that people who have lost limbs can live more normal lives. I would argue that these technologies are necessary because they save lives. However, making changes to the human body so that they can survive in space doesn’t seem necessary to me so I have a hard time thinking about doctors spending time and money trying to figure out human space travel instead of working to cure diseases that we have here on Earth. Maybe these types of robotic/human combinations are not going to happen until way in the future, after diseases and other medical problems here are solved. I would rather send robots to space before we have doctors and researchers working on human space travel.