Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Jack Flynn

A dinner with Ana carden-coyne

Just before many of us returned home for November break, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ana Carden-Coyne, a well known Manchester professor who was very interested in the effects of war on people. She had been putting… Continue Reading →

Robots in Space!

Last week, we were lucky enough to hear from the current director of the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, who was interested in comparing the experiences of robots and humans in space travel. For a long time, we have thought… Continue Reading →

Nonhumanism and Human/Nature

In the previous weeks, we have been hearing a lot about the human perspectives on everything from the medicalization of war, ancient myths and photography but one perspective that we have been sorely lacking is the perspective on something other… Continue Reading →

Italian Futurism and the Natural World

The talk a couple weeks ago on the use of poetry during the difficult change from Italy from its fascist roots to a more accepting place was throughly interesting. It took a significant social movement for an older generation of… Continue Reading →

The power of magic on nature

In Professor O’Neill’s lecture on the human/nature conflict in society, he described how magic was used to control nature in relation to human feelings. He used several examples of love potions being used to control natural urges and people using… Continue Reading →

Humans and Photography

Due to the imperfections of memory, we often rely on other mediums to help us remember what we often forget about ourselves. Photography is a medium that we have turned to facilitate our memories as it can capture a moment… Continue Reading →

Futurism and the Role of War

We had an incredibly interesting talk last week about the concept of futurism within 1930’s Italian society. This revolutionary idea manifested itself as both an art style and a mindset that was really crystalized throughout the decade by several respected… Continue Reading →

Unseen Effects of Common Convenience

I was very impressed by the Tuesday night’s lecture on the something as seemingly ‘invisible’ as the speaker put it, as refrigeration. A relatively recent technology, we seem to have forgotten about the technology that has completely changed the way… Continue Reading →

Art and Nature

This Tuesday’s lecture gave me an interesting thought about mimesis and the idea of imitation itself. Mimesis is, as I understand it, the idea of art imitating the natural which is an incredibly long standing idea through art. Perhaps because… Continue Reading →

Breaking the Routine in Anthropocene

When we go through our everyday routine of checking email, eating fresh fruit in the middle of winter and working in climate-controlled buildings, we become ignorant of the hidden costs behind these many inconspicuous luxuries. The high costs on our… Continue Reading →

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