The talk a couple weeks ago on the use of poetry during the difficult change from Italy from its fascist roots to a more accepting place was throughly interesting. It took a significant social movement for an older generation of people to start thinking about the negative aspects of fascism. It became necessary for a younger generation to rise up and take the torch for increased social and environmental problems. They initially tried using demonstrations to get peoples attention but found it easier to use poetry to convey their complex problem. They talked about different perspectives that had not been considered over the previous decades, poems that glorified nature and condemned the machines that had been instilled during WWII. Eventually, these efforts were able to create an impact on Italian, along with several other measures taken by other ‘radicals’ within Italian society.

This focus on nature after the increasing presence of technology, was able to make a positive impact on the society overall. This example seems to advocate for a society more connected to natural ways and overall, more interested in becoming a well-rounded, equitable society. They acknowledge that they have certainly made mistakes in the past but this should not stop them on a path towards progress and a more balanced way of life.