Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Kate Kerin


The posters presented today covered such a variety of topics of Human and Nature. It is hard to even compare the posters because the topic and the variety are so different from one another. Human Nature is such a broad… Continue Reading →

Art Through history

Art has had a huge evolution since humans have been around it has evolved along with us. Humans are the only life forms that make art for pleasure. We make art for pleasure. Looking at art makes us happy and… Continue Reading →

Time, a social construct

One poster that I found particularly interesting was about time, the passage of time, and how we ultimately decided to keep time. It is interesting that keeping track of time is purely a social construct. Of course the sun comes… Continue Reading →

The Myth and Art of Nature

Before we had so much science that proved how and how not nature functions, we had myth. Myth is what explained everything that happened in an imaginative and easy way to understand. These beliefs held up for a while. The… Continue Reading →

Space Case

It is interesting that robots are usually portrayed as human helpers or evil to humans in films that have to do with space. Technology and space go so well together, as we never would have been able to explore without… Continue Reading →

The Plastics

I have always looked at plastic surgery as a good thing. When I was younger, my mom had breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy. She had reconstructive plastic surgery so she could go back to the way she… Continue Reading →


Traub’s work comments on some truly human behavior. He goes out and takes pictures of people that are interesting to him, his interest could be sparked by clothing choice, unique appearance, or anything else that stands out to him.He says… Continue Reading →

Seeing Cyborgs

I connected the lecture this week to a movie I recently watched called Ex Machina. This movie is a british sci-fi about a programmer named Caleb who wins a trip to the home of the companies’ CEO. Caleb finds himself… Continue Reading →

Ice Cold

Fridges have been such a constant in my life that I have never acknowledged the extent to which fridges have changed the food industry and how we feed ourselves. An appliance that that has only recently in human history become… Continue Reading →

Graffiti in a Glance

The first slide of the presentation from the last seminar perfectly provided a definition of Mimesis, a topic I had not previously encountered. This slide was not a renaissance painting (the main focus of the presentation), but a picture of… Continue Reading →

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