One poster that I found particularly interesting was about time, the passage of time, and how we ultimately decided to keep time. It is interesting that keeping track of time is purely a social construct. Of course the sun comes up and goes down every day, but the hours and minutes and seconds that we use to track the days and the passing time. It is especially interesting how we use the number 60 to count all of the moments that pass by. It is something that I have done for so long that I have never wondered why we actually use the number 60.

Daylights saving time is also something I got to learn more about, It is not a practice that has always been around, but something created so that farmers could work longer in the fields despite the shorter days that make it so hard to do work as soon as it gets dark. I learned that some places have decided not to even continue with daylight savings time. A place in Arizona has decided not to fall back or spring forward an hour, as they are not required to follow the rules of daylight savings time.