Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Sophie Suechting


In Kerill O’Neil’s talk on Human/nature in antiquity, he explored many topics including witchcraft, sorcery, and sexuality. In many instances he discussed these topics in a gendered way. It was interesting to see how men versus women’s roles were seen… Continue Reading →

Final poster session

I am a member of the 297 class that presented posters, but I figured I’d use this forum to comment on a couple of my fellow classmates topics. I greatly enjoyed all the posters but the one that really struck… Continue Reading →

Plastic surgery

The visual culture of plastic surgery is not something I had though about until this talk. This talk was thought provoking and made me reconsider a lot of the ways that media portrays a visual image. The media is constantly… Continue Reading →


I really enjoyed Keith Peterson’s talk on environmental philosophy and the anthropocentrism of the anthropocene. He proposed a key question about whether or not anthropocentrism is motivating our new need to define the geological era of human impact on the… Continue Reading →

Robots in Space

I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s talk on robots in space. The most thought provoking aspects were the city plans for what life in space might look like. To see a whole plan for a society on a different planet was… Continue Reading →

Slowing down

I can only imagine how busy and frantic lunchtime on the streets of New York can be. All of these high powered professionals getting lunch in the little free time they have to sneak in a meal. Charles Traub captured… Continue Reading →

Futurists in 2015

I really enjoyed Professor Rizzo’s talk on futurism. It was thought provoking and at time disturbing to think about a world without nature run by machines. As someone that spends her summers leading canoeing trips in the Boundary Waters of… Continue Reading →

Cow tunnels in NYC

I found Nicola Twilley’s lecture to be the most intriguing one yet. When she first said she was lecturing about refrigerators, I was highly skeptical and wondering where that topic could possibly take us. At the end of the hour… Continue Reading →


Mimesis in Greek means imitation. In Renaissance art it was the act of reproducing reality in sculpture, paintings, and theater arts. In her talk, Professor Plesch used a couple of key ideas and pieces of art to showcase how Renaissance… Continue Reading →

Is it even possible?

Curating the Anthropocene is the idea that resonated with me most from our first ST197 seminar. I’ve never thought of attempting to showcase humanities entire impact on nature in one space, let alone using only one object to do so…. Continue Reading →

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