I can only imagine how busy and frantic lunchtime on the streets of New York can be. All of these high powered professionals getting lunch in the little free time they have to sneak in a meal. Charles Traub captured some incredible portraits of people during this time. It reminds me of Human’s of New York, giving us a glimpse into the life of one individual. However, as Traub himself stated, those pictures with the stories are simply snapshots. You look at the photo to know whom the story is referring to, but you look to the text for the detail. In Traub’s work however there is no accompanying text. The viewer must find detail in the portraits. Traub described that his work are street portraits that require a certain level of interaction and connection with the subject. I find the lack of text similar to a discussion from ST297 about museum labels. Curators must decide what to write if anything on a label. Some are simplistic and purposefully give the viewer no context. Some, on the other hand, require context for the deeper meaning. In Traub’s work you can see the connection between human and nature. You have these raw portraits of people in a bustling place at a bustling time of day and everything seems slowed down.