Nature is a part of us whether we want to consider it or not. Artists and historians represent it as a thing needing protection, depicting Gods as its curators. Theorists depict nature through its anthropomorphization, viewing it through a more fictional yet biological lens. The idea of nymphs as natures creatures depicts this idea, they would die if a tree was cut down and would suffer if water was polluted. Even with all of these ideas, the real domination of nature is magic. Ancient literature depicts witches and the language of love as a magical component to natures existence. Goddesses of love are beautiful and harmonize with nature. Gods and Goddesses are representatives of the ancient natural world. They personify nature. Their poetry and song describe natures existence. They could use their song to change nature; such as, flip river directions, pull moon towards earth, and grow trees… They are fictional versions of humans as a representation of nature.