Who is ultimately in charge?

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A Plan B?

Space has always interested humans because we want to know everything. It seems as if there is no limit as to how far we can go in order to figure something out. For years we have been sending manned spacecrafts… Continue Reading →

Human Exploration

Human exploration in space has been a topic for generations. We have Star Trek, Star Wars, Interstellar; the list of movies and TV shows involving space exploration could go on forever. The majority of these fictional entertainment shows feature humans… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs and Humans

Space is not really anything that I have spent much time thinking about, but I really liked this talk. It was mainly about the future of space travel. A thought is that human and robots may come together and human… Continue Reading →

Machine–the King of the World?

In 1910, in the limelight of Chiarella Theater of Turin, the first manifesto of futurists was unveiled. A notable characteristic of this fiesta was a shift in the interest of artists. Futurism does not permit artists, extending to us, regular… Continue Reading →

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