Space has always interested humans because we want to know everything. It seems as if there is no limit as to how far we can go in order to figure something out. For years we have been sending manned spacecrafts into outer space in order to search for what is out there. In recent years, it seems that everything within our grasp has been analyzed out there and yet we are still not satisfied. Now we turn to robots to go beyond what we could ever hope to accomplish in space. Could this be a foot in the right direction, or the beginning of our demise? Robotic space exploration may seem interesting and hopeful, but human exploration should be more focused on. I understand that there could be great discoveries out there in space, but people should pay even more attention to their immediate surroundings because the planet we currently inhabit is in trouble. Does this mean that all space exploration should be put on hold until we solve all the problems with earth? No. But I think we could better use our space program to help solve some of earth’s biggest environmental problems. Think about it, does it make sense to send robots into space in search of goods or a planet that is a million light years away? By the time we find the precious info, the planet may not be able to sustain life anymore and we would’ve wasted precious time on an unrealistic goal. I would much rather spend the resources making Earth sustainable for years to come, rather than hoping to find a plan b that may or may not work.