Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Kay Shigemori

Shift in Gardening Design in 17th Century China

I enjoyed listening to the series of lectures that explored several different types of gardens and learning about the history behind the gardens in each of the different countries. The topic on gardens was an interesting one to consider in… Continue Reading →

Human-centered=Selfish thought?

Keith Peterson’s lecture on the “Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives on the Environment,” was fascinating. His lecture was centered on the topic of Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene. He discussed the different perspectives within Anthropocentrism, specifically: cosmic: that humans are at the center… Continue Reading →

Humans Commercializing Nature, and the Backfires from Manipulating with Nature

During the Student Poster Session, I had walked around to see a few posters, but some that two posters that especially stood out to me were on the topic of “humans commercializing nature” (by Jessica) and “the backfires from manipulating… Continue Reading →

Robotizing Humans and Humanizing Robots

Roger Launius’s talk on “Robots vs. Humans in Space” was truly thought provoking. The theme on humans and robots (or robotizing human beings) appears to be a re-curing theme, in this series of Human/Nature lectures, and perhaps specifically in this day… Continue Reading →

Manipulation of the physical apperance

The talk that Professor Sheehan gave on “the visual culture of plastic surgery” was fascinating. It was an interesting topic in the ‘human/nature’ theme, as she compared the ‘natural’ versus the ‘artificial’ rather than making comparing between the physical world… Continue Reading →

Politics and Power Over Nature

The lecture on “why big states destroy nature” was about the role of politics and state power on water control. It was an interesting lecture, as I had never put together the idea of politics and water before. Building dams… Continue Reading →

So is the War “a Leap Forward for Humanity?”

I found several topics that overlapped between the talk about futurism and violence and Ana’s talk about Military Patients and Medical Power in WWI that I thought would be interesting to discuss. In the lecture on futurism, Professor Rizzo mentioned… Continue Reading →

Ethics and History of Medical Practices and Wound Healing in WWI

As a biology major and as someone who is automatically wired to think about the mechanical/technical (thinking about the biological mechanisms) aspects of healthcare and medical practice when the topic comes about, learning about the ethical, sociological and historical aspect… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Charles Traub’s Lecture

There were several topics that Charles Traub talked about that grasped my interest: (i) the talk about difference between a ‘snapshot’ and a ‘street portrait’; (ii) the difficulties of capturing the ‘realness’ where masks could be abundant; and (iii) the… Continue Reading →

Representation of the Real World–More than just the mechanics of painting

Mimesis–the mimicry or imitation of the real world in art (a representation of our planet/nature)–was a topic that interested me. As a hobby, I like painting and drawing during my free time, and when I do, it is often of… Continue Reading →

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