Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Nick Pattison

A Little Bit of Everything: Poster Session

I visited Rachel Bird’s poster about human/nature and art, combining art history and exploring the ways humans at the times were connected to or disconnected from nature through art. In Romanticism, there is a beauty of nature found in the… Continue Reading →

Out in space: Rebuilding the Human Race

I loved hearing about the possibilities of humans entering into space! It was intriguing how humans would travel to the moon or mars, and what that would look like, and what the risks of that would be. Are humans even meant… Continue Reading →

Are we just what we are?

Makeovers are the epitome of human/nature and how technology intersects with that. Using botox for plastic surgery, we inject the patient with a localized muscle-paralyzing organism. It is interesting to see that our “perfect-looking” person today is someone that is extremely… Continue Reading →

Ming Dynasty Garden Transformation and the Maine Garden Movement

The garden conference last Saturday was amazing!! It was really interesting to learn about gardens and garden designs in the Ming Dynasty, during the 15th century, and the turn it took in 17th century China. Garden designs began in the… Continue Reading →

The Neo-Avant Guarde

I loved last Tuesday’s talk about the Italian neo-avant guarde, exploring the relationship between nature and the Italian literature in the time of the avant-guarde. It seemed that the Avant-guarde wanted to wreak havoc, and had a sort of separation… Continue Reading →

Antiquity: Magic and Nature

It was interesting to see that much of nature in ancient roman times was tied to magic, love, or war. In nature, there were nymphs that were a part of trees, nature itself, and were more seductive creatures. Enchantresses/witches like Circa… Continue Reading →

Our Bodies Remember

Attending Andrea Olsen’s visit last monday was amazing. She spoke about our relationships with others and the earth, and how humans have co-evolved with the planet. Andrea said that as dancers (and as people), we don’t create new movement, we… Continue Reading →

Human is Nature?

I found Charles Traub’s visit to Colby change my perception of Patterns, Presentation, and Perception of humans and nature! I liked how in his “Lunchtime” piece, we see patterns emerge, things that he has taken from his viewing of the… Continue Reading →

To the Grenade: Thank You

Machines will kill you, and it will kill nature, and it will destroy all land known to man. The futurists wanted this destruction caused to nature, believing that machines were more preferable, and that men with war scars, injured or… Continue Reading →

Landscapes ahead, with Fridges at our feet

Fridges have become an integral part of our food system, so much so that we can transport food from California, and still have it be ready to eat when we find it in the WalMart grocery store in Maine. As… Continue Reading →

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