Machines will kill you, and it will kill nature, and it will destroy all land known to man. The futurists wanted this destruction caused to nature, believing that machines were more preferable, and that men with war scars, injured or died for a powerful idea, were more preferable than untampered men.

The Futurists wanted to destroy all nature, and instead hailed machinery. It seems that in our society today, we value the opposite -many people want to preserve nature, and view machinery as helpful, but not always beneficial. Maybe we are over the hump of amazing technology ahead of us, now we no longer amazed and admire machines, but merely use and accept them. This may be the cause of the present understanding of nature and machines, and the opposite of the futurists.
The futurists even had a disregard for the past, manifested in pasta. In 1930, there was a manifesto against Pasta, because it is heavy and a food of the past. Futurists began to have futurism meals, eating with strange objects on the table. The first futurist meal was described as “a meal that prevented a suicide” – how strange and sad! It seems that the futurists also pursued pleasure, in their love of danger, revolting, and ideas that they believed was worth dying for. However, was it pleasure and their excess that may have driven them to this negativity of describing their meal not positively, but rather as a “meal that prevented a suicide?”

I also finally found it interesting the perception of women in futurism, that they were just like nature, and were under the power of man, and that they were forced to accept and “prefer” the war-tattered men rather than the men with no war wounds.