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Art Through history

Art has had a huge evolution since humans have been around it has evolved along with us. Humans are the only life forms that make art for pleasure. We make art for pleasure. Looking at art makes us happy and… Continue Reading →

Final Post

First off, everyone’s poster was really well done. The students picked something that interested them and all showed a distinct line between humans and nature. One of the most eye-grabbing posters was the one done by Rachel Bird. “From Cave… Continue Reading →

Stadiums and Instagram: Human/Nature?

As I perused the posters and listened to student’s discuss their ideas, I was intrigued by the creativity in a handful of the presentations. For example, I found the idea of using stadium’s as representative of the “slash” in human/nature… Continue Reading →

The Myth and Art of Nature

Before we had so much science that proved how and how not nature functions, we had myth. Myth is what explained everything that happened in an imaginative and easy way to understand. These beliefs held up for a while. The… Continue Reading →

Nature, Magic, and Human Will in Antiquity

During the talk, one of Professor O’Neill’s statements really stood out to me, “Nowadays, when you cut down a tree, you get wood.  Then, you had a dead nymph.”  It’s such a matter-of-fact little statement, and yet includes an idea… Continue Reading →

Photographic Realism?

Of all the speakers which we have had so far for this class, I think that Charles Traub is one of the most relevant to our Human/Nature theme.  As the photographs on his website show, he has experience both as… Continue Reading →

To the Grenade: Thank You

Machines will kill you, and it will kill nature, and it will destroy all land known to man. The futurists wanted this destruction caused to nature, believing that machines were more preferable, and that men with war scars, injured or… Continue Reading →

Futurism and Nature

The last lecture we had was on futurism, a social movement that focused especially on technology. Futurism was a term that I had heard of before, but never really cared to investigate further. After Tuesday’s lecture, I was interested by… Continue Reading →

Futurism and Surrealism

Throughout Gianluca Rizzo’s lecture last week, I couldn’t help thinking about the similarities between futurism and surrealism. There is no doubt that futurism spawned the surrealism movement — both movements reject realistic representations of the world, reimagining what is normal, what… Continue Reading →

Landscapes ahead, with Fridges at our feet

Fridges have become an integral part of our food system, so much so that we can transport food from California, and still have it be ready to eat when we find it in the WalMart grocery store in Maine. As… Continue Reading →

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