Before we had so much science that proved how and how not nature functions, we had myth. Myth is what explained everything that happened in an imaginative and easy way to understand. These beliefs held up for a while. The ancient greeks believed that gods controlled different elements in nature and that there were different kinds of nymphs and creatures that made up nature. Witches in later times were made to explain sudden changes in weather and bad luck that occurred just from natural occurrences, plagues were blamed on witches. Even different religions were created so that there would be some sort of explanation for the unknown. People needed a way to explain what they did not understand and what they feared. It is interesting that as more scientific discoveries are found, the less we rely on Myth to explain things to us. Now we look at myth as an imaginative way to keep us entertained. I enjoy listening to fairy tales and reading about greek mythes. They are all very entertaining, I just find it hard that once upon a time people took these stories as fact. They thought that the world operated in ways that they learned from folklore passed from generation to generation.