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The Human Body As a Landscape

I found this evening’s lecture on plastic surgery incredibly interesting. Cosmetic surgery is aimed at improving one’s physical characteristics. In more recent years, plastic surgery has become increasingly common. Celebrities have gone under the knife extremely publicly and advertised their… Continue Reading →

Plastic surgery

The visual culture of plastic surgery is not something I had though about until this talk. This talk was thought provoking and made me reconsider a lot of the ways that media portrays a visual image. The media is constantly… Continue Reading →

Plastic Surgery….?

Tanya Sheehan spoke on plastic surgery, and its relationship with art and human nature, and the interaction between them all. Her first image was a self-portrait of an artist before she undergoes plastic surgery. This all naturally led to the… Continue Reading →

Manipulation of the physical apperance

The talk that Professor Sheehan gave on “the visual culture of plastic surgery” was fascinating. It was an interesting topic in the ‘human/nature’ theme, as she compared the ‘natural’ versus the ‘artificial’ rather than making comparing between the physical world… Continue Reading →

Under the Knife

Tanya Sheehan’s work on plastic surgery as a form of visual culture uncovers a lot of flaws in the way we think about health, beauty, nature, and how we want to be seen. Both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are associated… Continue Reading →

Are we just what we are?

Makeovers are the epitome of human/nature and how technology intersects with that. Using botox for plastic surgery, we inject the patient with a localized muscle-paralyzing organism. It is interesting to see that our “perfect-looking” person today is someone that is extremely… Continue Reading →

Plastic surgery with your phone

Tanya Sheehan gave us a lot to think about in her talk, “Extreme Makeovers: The Visual Culture of Plastic surgery.” Our visual culture presents itself all the way from adding a quick filter on a smartphone, to actually directly altering… Continue Reading →

Plastic Surgery: Is It Natural Or Unnatural?

Plastic surgery is a maneuver developed during wartime and morphed into a beauty pursuit. The popularity of plastic surgery should not be a surprise—it’s astonishing how much modern human beings do, especially females, as everyday routine, to keep our “natural… Continue Reading →

The Digital Manipulation of Beauty

I thought Professor Sheehan’s lecture was fascinating because the material it covered is so pertinent in our society today. Although admittedly some of the content about the lengths to which people go to change their looks through cosmetic plastic surgery… Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all? As I get older every year, this is the question that I see many people asking themselves. Some people accept who they are and carry on with their… Continue Reading →

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