The visual culture of plastic surgery is not something I had though about until this talk. This talk was thought provoking and made me reconsider a lot of the ways that media portrays a visual image. The media is constantly telling us new products and ways we can make ourselves look better or more like celebrities that we are supposed to admire. The idea of using plastic surgery to fit into a societal “normal” is not something I’ve ever considered. Everyone thinks they have imperfections it has always seemed like few people actually use more extreme measures like surgery to fix them unless you are in Hollywood. This is definitely no longer the case. The visual culture of human nature used to be able to be captured with a simple photograph. Sure you may have positioned the person in the best lighting for the picture, but besides that it is a natural photo. Now hardly any photo is “natural” or showcasing true human nature. Everything is photoshopped or edited using a filter on social media sites like Instagram. The visual culture of human nature is gone and it has been replaced by the visual culture of plastic surgery or so called “human perfection”