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Thoughts on Charles Traub’s Lecture

There were several topics that Charles Traub talked about that grasped my interest: (i) the talk about difference between a ‘snapshot’ and a ‘street portrait’; (ii) the difficulties of capturing the ‘realness’ where masks could be abundant; and (iii) the… Continue Reading →

Human/Nature or “human nature”

Initially, I found Charles Traub’s presentation on his street portraits to be slightly irrelevant to the “Human/Nature” theme of the course. Traub’s initial black and white landscape photos captured the aesthetic beauty of the natural world, and clearly embodied the… Continue Reading →

Photographic Realism?

Of all the speakers which we have had so far for this class, I think that Charles Traub is one of the most relevant to our Human/Nature theme.  As the photographs on his website show, he has experience both as… Continue Reading →

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