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Tomato Tomahto

One of the presenters investigated what Allenby and Sarewitz termed Level 1 and Level 2 technologies. These are technology itself (e.g. phone, Facebook, polio cure, etc. ) and the networks necessary to make technology available on a mass scale respectively.

Refrigeration Changed… Everything

I had no idea how much refrigeration has changed our lives. The thing that made the most sense to me was how refrigeration has changed our landscape. Not having to live by a farm to get fresh food changes the… Continue Reading →

Landscapes ahead, with Fridges at our feet

Fridges have become an integral part of our food system, so much so that we can transport food from California, and still have it be ready to eat when we find it in the WalMart grocery store in Maine. As… Continue Reading →

Food: Fresh and… still fresh?

Before listening to the lecture on Tuesday, I was a little skeptical. A lecture on refrigeration? What is so interesting about refrigeration? Well, it turns out that many things make this topic interesting. After the lecture, I understand why Ana… Continue Reading →

The Fridge!

I really enjoyed last night’s lecture. When Nicola Twilley first said that she was going to be talking to us about refrigeration, I was a little worried about where the talk was going. But it was fascinating! I have never… Continue Reading →

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