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The Final Frontier

During his talk on whether robots or humans are the best choice for space flight, Roger Launius kept making the point that humans are designed from an evolutionary perspective for a very specific climate. That is one g of gravity… Continue Reading →

Extreme Media

Plastic surgery was a field pioneered to help those who were disfigured in some way or another, and to help them become appear “normal” once again. Originally most the patients were maimed soldiers, but as time went on the field… Continue Reading →

Human Centered Thinking

As humans, the center of the world will always be ourselves: we experience the outside world through our brains and cognitive thinking. The individual will always be the center of their existence because they experience the world through their own eyes. On… Continue Reading →

Feeling Nature

In his lecture about Italian neo avant-garde literature, professor Cavatorta talked about a re – imagining of ages old literary tradition. Here, artists left behind their roots and invented new ideas and expressed them in ways the world had not… Continue Reading →

The State’s Power Over Nature

In his lecture, Professor Josephson talked about massive construction projects all over the world, which many of the worlds major powers have undertaken in the past 100 years. The part I found most interesting about the talk was the rhetoric… Continue Reading →

Human/Nature in Antiquity

During professor O’Neill’s lecture on the Human/Nature relationship in antiquity, he talked about the ancients having a much different relationship with the world around them compared to today. People’s idea of the world was more influenced by religion and legends, as… Continue Reading →

The Human in its Natural Environment

What stuck with me the most after Charles Traub’s talk was the work that would later go into the book called “Lunch Time”. The book is just a collection of formal portraits that the photographer took during his lunch break, of… Continue Reading →

Fighting Into the Future

Effeti Marinetti was the face and figurehead for the Futurist movement. Futurism is a movement with a strange ideology and many of its tenements seem a bit backwards to the outsider. He was very active in the public sphere and… Continue Reading →

A Fridge and the Future

When the two lectures began, I assumed there would not be much overlap. I mean what does refrigeration and landscape futures have in common? Turns out way more than people initially think. One image that will stick with me, and… Continue Reading →

The Art of Imitation

During the lecture, Professor Plesch emphasized how important the study of perspective was to the progression of art. This almost required a scientific approach to art with some of the cutting edge ideas of the day, including the study of… Continue Reading →

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