What stuck with me the most after Charles Traub’s talk was the work that would later go into the book called “Lunch Time”. The book is just a collection of formal portraits that the photographer took during his lunch break, of fairly ordinary but interesting people. He was simply capturing the citizens of the city in a brief moment of their day to day lives. One way I like to think about it as cosmopolitan people in their natural habitat. In the Human/Nature theme, we seem to stick to the idea that nature is just the natural environment untouched by humans, so we often ignore the urban environment. In a way, cities are becoming many humans natural habitat.  Traub said the only real nature around Chicago was the beaches and lake and maybe some of the parks. When we look at cities we often tend to forget about them as an organic collection that moves and changes, and think about them as the bustling product of human creation. In his “Dolce Via” photos, we see candid’s and shots depicting day to day life in  a very different city from the other photos, but a similar animated feel. Both sets of these photos were good a good way to examine the human element of the urban environment.