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In Kerill O’Neil’s talk on Human/nature in antiquity, he explored many topics including witchcraft, sorcery, and sexuality. In many instances he discussed these topics in a gendered way. It was interesting to see how men versus women’s roles were seen… Continue Reading →

Love and Magic

It’s interesting to see how mating rituals have developed throughout time. These days, courtship is a mixture of being straightforward about one’s feelings, while also playing hard to get. But in antiquity, falling in love was so much easier– all… Continue Reading →

Man or God?

The relationship between man and nature is a long one. In the evening lecture, Human/ Nature in Antiquity, human’s relationship to the earth can be seen in their relationships to the gods. Humans and Gods exist separately yet they interact… Continue Reading →

The Myth and Art of Nature

Before we had so much science that proved how and how not nature functions, we had myth. Myth is what explained everything that happened in an imaginative and easy way to understand. These beliefs held up for a while. The… Continue Reading →

Myth or Magic: Fire and Brimstone

Beginning with the Scientific Revolution, the general worldview began to progress towards a mechanistic view. That is to say that humans began to believe that all phenomena had a logical explanation. The mechanistic worldview is in essence the theory of… Continue Reading →

The power of magic on nature

In Professor O’Neill’s lecture on the human/nature conflict in society, he described how magic was used to control nature in relation to human feelings. He used several examples of love potions being used to control natural urges and people using… Continue Reading →

Love in Antiquity

Magic is something we’ve all seen in Disney movies and have heard of in fairytales. There is no doubt that I sometimes think that life would be much more easier with magic at our disposal then going through a struggle…. Continue Reading →


There is a strong connection between mythology and nature. Professor O’Neill pointed out how ancient civilizations were subject to natural changes and how much they relied on nature. They loved nature to such an extent that they invented gods, who… Continue Reading →

Nature in Art

Last week’s lecture centered on how nature is depicted in art. A corollary to the discussion was on the depiction of the gods in art. For most of the pieces that we were shown, I had a sense that the… Continue Reading →

Magical Manipulation

The practice of magic in antiquity is an interesting manipulation of nature. I had never considered that magic is a way of dominating nature. However, it makes sense. Casting spells, in theory, can change people and nature. I thought it… Continue Reading →

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