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Nymphs and Polar Bears

  Kerill O’Neil presented to us on “Huam/Nature in Antiquity,” and I found it very interesting to put our ongoing discussion in the context that Professor O’Neil provided. At Colby many of us are conscious of the environment, and when… Continue Reading →

Gendered Witches and Violent Love in Ancient Poetry

In today’s cultural understandings, witches are seen as old hags, typically with warts on their noses. From Shakespeare’s depiction of Macbeth‘s three witches circling a caldron, to the purported broomsticked witches of the Salem Witch Trials, western conceptions of witches have… Continue Reading →

Nature, Magic, and Human Will in Antiquity

During the talk, one of Professor O’Neill’s statements really stood out to me, “Nowadays, when you cut down a tree, you get wood.  Then, you had a dead nymph.”  It’s such a matter-of-fact little statement, and yet includes an idea… Continue Reading →

Cast a spell and I’ll get an A+!

It took humans thousands of years to understand love. Nowadays, love is the bonding hormone released into your veins, triggering positive, caring feelings; decades ago, love was the independent will upon which people choose their trajectory of lives; hundreds of… Continue Reading →

Magic, Love, and Poets.

Last week’s lecture on Antiquity was full of interesting relationships. For example, we talked about the relationships between men and women, magic and people, witches and males, enchantresses and males, a poet and his beloved, and love and evil. In… Continue Reading →


I was interested in how prominent the belief in magic was in antiquity, especially with relation to love. I was intrigued by the idea that, in antiquity, love was a bad thing- it was compared to madness, disease, and injury…. Continue Reading →

Antique Myths Make for Modern Mores

As a young girl, I had many passions, but two in particular always stick out to me: Greek mythology and witchcraft. Today, in my introspective and reflective processes, I know my childhood interests have a profound impact on my psychological… Continue Reading →

Magic of love

During his talk of human/nature in antiquity, O’Neil pointed out that the same terms are used to describe magic as are used to describe someone in love, which was something that I had never realized nor thought about. He went… Continue Reading →

Antiquity: Magic and Nature

It was interesting to see that much of nature in ancient roman times was tied to magic, love, or war. In nature, there were nymphs that were a part of trees, nature itself, and were more seductive creatures. Enchantresses/witches like Circa… Continue Reading →

Love hurts

According to a Greek myth Orpheus was a magical musician and poet. He had the ability to charm all living and non-living things with his music. Rocks moved, trees walked and rivers turned their course so they could listen to his magical music… Continue Reading →

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