According to a Greek myth Orpheus was a magical musician and poet. He had the ability to charm all living and non-living things with his music. Rocks moved, trees walked and rivers turned their course so they could listen to his magical music for a bit longer. When his wife Euridice got bit by a snake and died Orpheus set on a journey to retrieve her from the underworld. After listening to Orpheus music Hades himself allowed Euridice to return to the world of livings under one condition: Orpheus would not be allowed to look at her until they reached the light of day. When he finally stepped outside of the underworld he turned around to finally look at Euridice, the moment he turned around she faded away into the darkness since she had not yet entered the world of the living. Nowadays we think of love as something beautiful. In ancient times however, love was described as wound, disease, and madness. Here, like in many other myths love ended in a tragedy and death. Orpheus spent the rest of his life in utter desolation until he was ripped apart by Maenads (immortal women).