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The Digital Manipulation of Beauty

I thought Professor Sheehan’s lecture was fascinating because the material it covered is so pertinent in our society today. Although admittedly some of the content about the lengths to which people go to change their looks through cosmetic plastic surgery… Continue Reading →

Beauty and Nature

I think that this talk was the most interesting and relatable one that we’ve had so far. In a broader sense, this talk was all about body image, and that is something that everyone deals with at some point. One… Continue Reading →

Photoshop, Instagram, and the “Ideal Life”

I studied photography for 4 years in high school, so I was particularly interested in Tanya Sheenan’s discussion of Photoshop as a cultural tool and manipulation. In fine art photography, Photoshop is used mostly within the first context of editing… Continue Reading →

Human is Nature?

I found Charles Traub’s visit to Colby change my perception of Patterns, Presentation, and Perception of humans and nature! I liked how in his “Lunchtime” piece, we see patterns emerge, things that he has taken from his viewing of the… Continue Reading →

The Nature of Photography

Although Charles Traub’s lecture didn’t explicitly demonstrate the connection between humans and nature, he did reveal to us preserved moments of human nature. In Traub’s Lunchtime and Dolce Via, we saw a collection of humans from around the world and… Continue Reading →

Now v. Then

I thought looking at Charles Traub’s Lunchtime collection was interesting because the people on the streets in the 1970s and 1980s do not look all that different from the people on the streets today. Although the clothing and hairstyles captured… Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Self

Charles Traub’s portrait photographs of everyday people in the 70s show a jarring amount of honesty. The colors, lighting, and angles in the photographs created compositions that are whimsical and evocative, however, the candid nature of the photographs exposed much… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Charles Traub’s Lecture

There were several topics that Charles Traub talked about that grasped my interest: (i) the talk about difference between a ‘snapshot’ and a ‘street portrait’; (ii) the difficulties of capturing the ‘realness’ where masks could be abundant; and (iii) the… Continue Reading →

Human nature in a mask

Charles Traub’s street portrait work seemed to attempt to capture human nature in a photograph. By finding people in their own “natural habitat”–in public, not any sort of private studio–he was able to create a true portrait of the individual…. Continue Reading →

Human/Nature or “human nature”

Initially, I found Charles Traub’s presentation on his street portraits to be slightly irrelevant to the “Human/Nature” theme of the course. Traub’s initial black and white landscape photos captured the aesthetic beauty of the natural world, and clearly embodied the… Continue Reading →

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