Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Stacey Hou

Poster Session

The entire semester of ST 197 is closed with an amazing poster session featuring students from the ST 297 class and their incredible research. Out of numerous posters presented, I want to talk about three of them that struck me… Continue Reading →

Is space traveling safe for humans?

In this lecture, Mr. Launius enlightened us with pros and cons about humans in space traveling. In many ways, robots/machines are better space travelers than human beings: they are perfect for suicidal missions while it’s immoral to send humans to… Continue Reading →

Plastic Surgery: Is It Natural Or Unnatural?

Plastic surgery is a maneuver developed during wartime and morphed into a beauty pursuit. The popularity of plastic surgery should not be a surprise—it’s astonishing how much modern human beings do, especially females, as everyday routine, to keep our “natural… Continue Reading →


Are humans and animals equal?   Many may argue no: humans are self-aware; they are smart, tool-using; they ride above all the other creatures as taught by the Bible, harvesting, domesticating and utilizing them. For many people, our only interaction… Continue Reading →

Feminism in the 20th century

Second world war fundamentally impacted on many aspects of our society. One of these effects can be manifested by the growth of feminism. In our lecture on Nov. 3, Professor Cavatorta showed us a “bride contract” signed prior to WWII,… Continue Reading →

Cast a spell and I’ll get an A+!

It took humans thousands of years to understand love. Nowadays, love is the bonding hormone released into your veins, triggering positive, caring feelings; decades ago, love was the independent will upon which people choose their trajectory of lives; hundreds of… Continue Reading →

Everyone Gave An Extra 10 Seconds For the Nudes When Flipping Through the Album

A photographer may argue that a picture is worth a thousand words. A good photographer would probably beg to differ. On Tuesday night, we were honored to have Mr. Traub as our guest and talking about photography in the modern… Continue Reading →

Machine–the King of the World?

In 1910, in the limelight of Chiarella Theater of Turin, the first manifesto of futurists was unveiled. A notable characteristic of this fiesta was a shift in the interest of artists. Futurism does not permit artists, extending to us, regular… Continue Reading →

A fridge, nothing special, right?

1805 is a special year—in that year, the first refrigerator was designed. From there, people have been improving and refining its design and in 1844, physician John Gorrie built a vapor-compression refrigerator / icemaker to cool down the air for… Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Naked!

The influence of Christianity is manifest in artworks. Not only did Christianity alter the nudity display in arts, it also changed the fundamental artist-patron system, and, subsequently, the output of artists. As mentioned in the talk delivered by Professor Plesch,… Continue Reading →

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