Who is ultimately in charge?

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Robust Robots

During the cold war era, the space race between the US and the Soviet Union was one of the most dramatic displays of rapid human innovation. Since nasa’s creation in 1958, many technologies originally designed for space have been adapted… Continue Reading →

Love in the time of the Anthropocene

The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene   Environmental philosophers for decades have been discussing the idea of anthropocentrism. This is the idea that humans are the most central and significant being on the planet. One new book, “Learning to die in… Continue Reading →

Avant-garde is not so hard.

Rewriting the world: Natureand the literature of the Italian neo-avant-garde. You can’t learn about the neo-avant-garde without knowing about the avant-garde. I Novissimi (poetry for the sixties) is the father of the period known as the neo-avant-garde. The 60s and 70s… Continue Reading →


In antiquity, nymphs associated with the trees. If you cut a tree down, they would die. If you pouted the water, they would suffer. Nymphs had a very important role to play, but they couldn’t defend their territory. One important… Continue Reading →

See the world through a new lens.

The body is a vehicle for inquiry and discovery. Amazement is a motivation for bodily discovery. Reimagining our relationship to the natural world. Students are activists of the world – fellow students are those who you will see for the… Continue Reading →

What would you like for lunch?

He makes a very interesting point which is that nature is very important in allowing “city folk” to feel connected. Nature has a positive and a negative side. His black and white work began on the beaches of Chicago, which… Continue Reading →


Gianluca did something really interesting at the start of his lecture, which was to recount and summarize all of the previous lectures, and direct their ideas towards the theme of his own lecture. In addition, I’m not sure if this… Continue Reading →

refrigeration runs our nation

The US is refrigerated. It runs our culture. Anywhere from flower shipment to long term apple storage, everything in our food system relies in some way to refrigeration. Foods have highly engineered and highly specialized mega fridges that are designed… Continue Reading →


When I first walked into this lecture, I had no idea what mimesis meant… But things quickly began to make sense. Mimesis is described as the representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature. It’s a very… Continue Reading →

What can I do?

It seems almost like a requirement of our generation to try and “fix” what we are doing to the earth. In middle school, we were taught about recycling programs and how the little things we did could have massive impacts… Continue Reading →

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