He makes a very interesting point which is that nature is very important in allowing “city folk” to feel connected. Nature has a positive and a negative side. His black and white work began on the beaches of Chicago, which is really important because this was one of his first introductions into nature. What is it about people that takes us away from nature? Lunchtime is a book composed of images from 1977-1988. It was never published in its time period, but recently it has been shown around the world. Lunchtime was one of the most intriguing times to take pictures – these photos are of real people in their real natural habitats. “Each face is a person, each face is a personality, each face is an encounter.” This book was put together in order to represent types, styles, and most important, to represent the encounter itself. Types of people are what is really interesting – who are these people? Are they parents? Are they businessmen? For a very brief encounter, 1/125 of a second is all it takes. Gestures are captured, emotion is captured, fashion is captured. It’s amazing how Traub has captured the essence of real people in still photos.