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Humans In Space: The Last Frontier

The speaker’s talk was focused on the prospects of human exploration of space. In his talk he outlined a number of issues with Space Exploration. He also suggests a plan that should guide our future extra-terrestrial expeditions.

Out in space: Rebuilding the Human Race

I loved hearing about the possibilities of humans entering into space! It was intriguing how humans would travel to the moon or mars, and what that would look like, and what the risks of that would be. Are humans even meant… Continue Reading →

“Cyborg Inevitability” & Morality

As a child, I was fascinated by blackholes. I remember thinking Mars was pretty cool, but my love for space reached it’s max at my elementary school blackhole phase. Regardless, I found the lecture last Tuesday incredibly intriguing. And if… Continue Reading →

A Plan B?

Space has always interested humans because we want to know everything. It seems as if there is no limit as to how far we can go in order to figure something out. For years we have been sending manned spacecrafts… Continue Reading →

Cyborgs and Humans

Space is not really anything that I have spent much time thinking about, but I really liked this talk. It was mainly about the future of space travel. A thought is that human and robots may come together and human… Continue Reading →

Space Case

It is interesting that robots are usually portrayed as human helpers or evil to humans in films that have to do with space. Technology and space go so well together, as we never would have been able to explore without… Continue Reading →

Robust Robots

During the cold war era, the space race between the US and the Soviet Union was one of the most dramatic displays of rapid human innovation. Since nasa’s creation in 1958, many technologies originally designed for space have been adapted… Continue Reading →

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