It is interesting that robots are usually portrayed as human helpers or evil to humans in films that have to do with space. Technology and space go so well together, as we never would have been able to explore without it. The dynamic between humans and robots always sparks interesting commentary. What is often seen, is that robots are usually given more personality than you would expect from a robot, even a very advance robot in the future.

Star wars is an example of humans having robots that help them out. Everybody knows C3PO and R2D2, two of the funnier characters. These two robots provide support for their owners that other humans could not possibly. These robots also have personalities beyond that of a machine, it is clear that both robots can be funny.

Another example of film creating robot with more personality than normal would be Bender from the cartoon show, Futurama. Bender is both evil and a sidekick to the main character, Fry. Bender does little to prove that he is a robot, expect the occasional rusting. He also displays no signs of remorse when he does wrong which might also be an indicator that he may have personality, but cannot display human emotion.