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A famous expression is: a picture is worth a thousand words. In Charles Traub’s presentation, we learned that this is most certainly true. Traub went about during their lunch break taking pictures of local New Yorkers. While this may seem similar… Continue Reading →

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Charles Traub is a renowned photographer, and he specialized in street photos of people going on their way. Photography as a medium is interesting because it allows the capture of a moment, and eternalizes it for as long as the… Continue Reading →

The Human in its Natural Environment

What stuck with me the most after Charles Traub’s talk was the work that would later go into the book called “Lunch Time”. The book is just a collection of formal portraits that the photographer took during his lunch break, of… Continue Reading →

Slowing down

I can only imagine how busy and frantic lunchtime on the streets of New York can be. All of these high powered professionals getting lunch in the little free time they have to sneak in a meal. Charles Traub captured… Continue Reading →

Charles Traub

This week’s presentation was done by photographer Charles Traub. His projects gave an interesting perspective for our study of human and nature. Instead of relating the two directly, he gave a discussion on the sociology behind how humans relate to… Continue Reading →

Human is Nature?

I found Charles Traub’s visit to Colby change my perception of Patterns, Presentation, and Perception of humans and nature! I liked how in his “Lunchtime” piece, we see patterns emerge, things that he has taken from his viewing of the… Continue Reading →

The Nature of Photography

Although Charles Traub’s lecture didn’t explicitly demonstrate the connection between humans and nature, he did reveal to us preserved moments of human nature. In Traub’s Lunchtime and Dolce Via, we saw a collection of humans from around the world and… Continue Reading →

Now v. Then

I thought looking at Charles Traub’s Lunchtime collection was interesting because the people on the streets in the 1970s and 1980s do not look all that different from the people on the streets today. Although the clothing and hairstyles captured… Continue Reading →

The Sweetest Self

Charles Traub’s portrait photographs of everyday people in the 70s show a jarring amount of honesty. The colors, lighting, and angles in the photographs created compositions that are whimsical and evocative, however, the candid nature of the photographs exposed much… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Charles Traub’s Lecture

There were several topics that Charles Traub talked about that grasped my interest: (i) the talk about difference between a ‘snapshot’ and a ‘street portrait’; (ii) the difficulties of capturing the ‘realness’ where masks could be abundant; and (iii) the… Continue Reading →

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