This week’s presentation was done by photographer Charles Traub. His projects gave an interesting perspective for our study of human and nature. Instead of relating the two directly, he gave a discussion on the sociology behind how humans relate to their environment. He referred to a “mask” that people put on when they are dealing with others and their environment. A point that was raised was the question of if we are seeing the real person or their “mask” in the photographs. Personally, I believe that what we are seeing in the pictures is absolutely the definition of a personal mask. In pictures, people are usually dressed to go out and deal with others, so in these prints, the people have already altered their outward appearance to look presentable in public. Also, in photos, people always do their best to look attractive, attentive, and happy. That’s why everyone puts on fake smiles in photos and makes sure that they are looking straight into the camera. I think that a photo that showed a person outside of their mask would be taken in the comfort of their home, while they were in the act of doing something other than paying attention to the camera.