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Anthropocene vs WeAreDestroyingThePlanet-ecene

The anthropocene; the era of human achievement, where man transcended nature and became THE dominant force on Earth. The anthropocene; the final epoch of Earth animate history where man transcended nature and DESTROYED the Earth.

Tick Tock

They say everything comes at a price, and I would certainly agree especially when it comes to asking questions. For a while now, humans have been asking themselves, “Can we be as good or better than nature?”. The price of… Continue Reading →

The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene

Even though I am an environmental science major, the subject of environmental philosophy is not one that I am terribly familiar with me.  Professor Keith Peterson’s talk “The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene” covered a lot of ground, and at times… Continue Reading →

Anthropocentrism and Animal Rights

Although I was sometimes confused by the philosophy jargon in Keith Peterson’s presentation on The Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene, I found that his central concepts regarding the impacts of the anthropocene and its title on humanity were quite relevant to our class… Continue Reading →

Taking the “Anthro” Out of Anthropocene

This week’s lecture made me think about the anthropocentrism involved in even talking about the Anthropocene. We, humans, are discussing our impact on the natural world in this new geologic age characterized by human innovation and manipulation. The mere fact… Continue Reading →


This week’s lecture brought up some especially important things to consider regarding the anthropocene. It was interesting to think about how humans frequently consider themselves the center of cosmic drama when, in fact, we are not. It is this belief… Continue Reading →


This lecture really made me reflect on many of my thoughts about the Anthropocene. It is so interesting to see how others view the Anthropocene, and this class has brought many views to my attention. Professor Peterson really had me… Continue Reading →

Animal testing

I’m going to be honest, this talk was kind of confusing for me. I feel like I didn’t fully start to understand what Professor Peterson was trying to say until the very end. The concept of the anthropocene is extremely… Continue Reading →

Avant-garde is not so hard.

Rewriting the world: Natureand the literature of the Italian neo-avant-garde. You can’t learn about the neo-avant-garde without knowing about the avant-garde. I Novissimi (poetry for the sixties) is the father of the period known as the neo-avant-garde. The 60s and 70s… Continue Reading →

Refrigerators and the Natural World

It is interesting to think that one of the most commonplace appliances in the American kitchen arsenal, the refrigerator, has impacted our lives so heavily. Refrigeration has widened the selection of what we can eat at any given point in… Continue Reading →

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