I’m going to be honest, this talk was kind of confusing for me. I feel like I didn’t fully start to understand what Professor Peterson was trying to say until the very end. The concept of the anthropocene is extremely human centric: it centers on everything that humans have done to the Earth and how human can work to fix the problems that we’ve created. What Professor Peterson said is that this view is limited because it does not take into account other sources of nonhuman life on the planet, mainly, animals. What he said that really stuck with me is that the anthropocene view needs to focus on the animals in the world, and not only how they have impacted the current world we live in, but how we need to take them into consideration when making plans for the future. Animal rights activists have been arguing this for decades and continue to fight for vegetarianism and to end animal testing for medical and cosmetic industries. I am not a vegetarian and have not looked into cosmetic animal testing. However, I do have some medical issues and am pretty positive than animals were most likely used in testing for drugs that I use to keep me healthy. While I hesitate to say that I agree fully with animal testing, I would say that I am very thankful for the animal testing that has happened in the past that helped make the drugs that keep me healthy, possible.