Who is ultimately in charge?

Author Jessica Tregidgo


For our last evening lecture, we were fortunate enough to hear from the head of the Smithsonian, Roger D. Launius. Initial leaps in space exploration originated in the Space Race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet… Continue Reading →

The Human Body As a Landscape

I found this evening’s lecture on plastic surgery incredibly interesting. Cosmetic surgery is aimed at improving one’s physical characteristics. In more recent years, plastic surgery has become increasingly common. Celebrities have gone under the knife extremely publicly and advertised their… Continue Reading →

The Societal Construct of Ownership

A quote that I particularly enjoy goes as follows: “The first man who, having enclosed a piece of ground, to whom it occurred to say this is mine, and found people sufficiently simple to believe him, was the true founder… Continue Reading →

The Nature of Poems

In this evening lecture, we learned about the Italian Neo-Avant Garde movement. The literature that came out of this time was against the establishment. It was a movement away from the old. The works stemming out of this movement aimed… Continue Reading →


A famous expression is: a picture is worth a thousand words. In Charles Traub’s presentation, we learned that this is most certainly true. Traub went about during their lunch break taking pictures of local New Yorkers. While this may seem similar… Continue Reading →

Man or God?

The relationship between man and nature is a long one. In the evening lecture, Human/ Nature in Antiquity, human’s relationship to the earth can be seen in their relationships to the gods. Humans and Gods exist separately yet they interact… Continue Reading →

Italian Futurism

I found this discussion on Futurism to be very interesting. The idea of incorporating one’s audience into the art piece was valued by futurists. Futurism also valued change and viewed war as “the sole cleanser of the world”. This opinion… Continue Reading →

Is Food Natural?

The idea of flavor changing interests me. The definition of ‘good’ meat and other products has been greatly changed with the introduction of refrigeration. Also, the availability of meat and other goods has greatly increased with the presence of refrigerators. Before,… Continue Reading →


Many different things come together to form a piece of art. The definition of art has changed throughout the years. Throughout time, people have questioned what makes art; is art just an imitation of nature or does it demonstrate internal… Continue Reading →

What is natural?

The Anthropocene as defined in the lecture is the “geological time during which human activity is considered to be the dominant influence on the environment, climate, and ecology of the earth.” A quote given by Stewart Brand that intrigued me… Continue Reading →

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