The relationship between man and nature is a long one. In the evening lecture, Human/ Nature in Antiquity, human’s relationship to the earth can be seen in their relationships to the gods. Humans and Gods exist separately yet they interact frequently. Also, it is possible for Gods and humans to have relationships and produce offspring. Gods were not however held to the same standards of humans. Goddesses could do things that women of the time could not such as hunt. Also, certain types of mythical creatures like Nymphs protected nature from human destruction. The idea that humans can impact nature to the point of destruction is not a new one. Magic is the one thing that can overcome nature and those protecting it in the mythological examples. I find that concept to be very interesting given the changes that have occurred today. Now, humans have the ability to perform said ‘magic’ and modify nature. Some doctors can even develop what is called ‘The God Complex’, meaning that the doctor feels superior and exempt from the problems that everyday people face. The concepts that were once reserved to the supernatural like saving/ elongating life is now able to be accomplished with new medicines and developments.