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Anthropocentrism of the Anthropocene

Keith Peterson brought up interesting perspectives on the way in which humans interact with the natural world. We think of the Anthropocene as an era in which we critique environmental impacts caused by humans. However, Anthropocentrism, Peterson argues, is not… Continue Reading →

Refrigerators and the Natural World

It is interesting to think that one of the most commonplace appliances in the American kitchen arsenal, the refrigerator, has impacted our lives so heavily. Refrigeration has widened the selection of what we can eat at any given point in… Continue Reading →

Defining the beginning of the Anthropocene

When considering the possibility of a new epoch in the geologic timescale of the earth, it is both important yet challenging to attempt to determine when this new epoch began. The beginning of the Anthropocene, as it is known, could… Continue Reading →

Human “Slash” Nature or Human “Over” Nature?

I was first drawn to this class because of a previous discussion I had last year around humans and nature. Essentially, this discussion was–and because of its infinite structure, is–founded on the concept that as humans, we have claimed the title… Continue Reading →

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