Who is ultimately in charge?

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Under the Knife

Tanya Sheehan’s work on plastic surgery as a form of visual culture uncovers a lot of flaws in the way we think about health, beauty, nature, and how we want to be seen. Both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are associated… Continue Reading →

The Homogeneity of Plastic Surgery

Today’s visual culture has changed remarkably in the past few generations and plastic surgery helped contribute to the change. Professor Tanya Sheehan told us about the two different forms of plastic surgery: reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive is meant to restore… Continue Reading →

Art in History

I loved the lecture from this week. I have never taken an art history class, so this particular lecture was a very unique experience for me. Art portrays so much meaning behind little details. For example, a candlewick could be… Continue Reading →

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