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Representation of the Real World–More than just the mechanics of painting

Mimesis–the mimicry or imitation of the real world in art (a representation of our planet/nature)–was a topic that interested me. As a hobby, I like painting and drawing during my free time, and when I do, it is often of… Continue Reading →


Veronique Plesch’s speech on Mimesis altered the way in which I typically think about art. Mimesis, in art, is imitation — reimagining the physical, external world to reflect different perspectives. Though its scope is broad, Mimesis in the context of nature represents a… Continue Reading →

This week’s lecture was particularly interesting to me, given my background as a studio art major. I have learned about the Italian Renaissance from an art history perspective, but I have never heard the term mimetic used in the in-depth… Continue Reading →

Artistic Choice in Religious Painting

One function of mimesis, realism in Renaissance art, was to make paintings more emotionally resonant.  Instead of the flat faces of people in many earlier paintings, the people shown in Renaissance art have more realistic appearances and faces skillfully depicting… Continue Reading →


When looking at art from the Italian renaissance and art from the Northern Renaissance, one can notice a startling difference in painting styles. The Italian Renaissance artist would paint idealistic portraits of people, places, and things on frescos. The modern… Continue Reading →

The Reality of Religious Paintings

This week’s lecture caused me to question the nature of religious reality with regards to painted portrayals of religious events. Part of mimesis, the portrayal of the natural world through a medium such as painting, has something to do with… Continue Reading →

Nature, Art, and Science

The concept of mimesis provides a fascinating context from which to examine the relationship between nature and art. Nature–that which is found in the natural world–is inextricably related to art (artifice)–that which is artificial or man-made–in that art is certainly… Continue Reading →

Windows to the Past

I have never been interested in interpreting art down to minute details – such as the meaning of a candle wick. However, what I do find interesting is interpreting art to learn about past cultures and history. Art is like… Continue Reading →


When I first walked into this lecture, I had no idea what mimesis meant… But things quickly began to make sense. Mimesis is described as the representation or imitation of the real world in art and literature. It’s a very… Continue Reading →

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